SISU is a creative project by theatre makers from Finland (Ruut Luoto) and Colombia (Julian Guerra) based in London exploring semiotics and its complexity in a diverse context.

The purpose of this project SISU is to devise a show exploring the limits of language in cross cultural multilingual human communication. This is going to be achieved by creating a scripted play in several languages (Finnish, Spanish and English) with literary sources, exploring the construction of universal topics and its conflicts in a globalized world. It will also include personal and collective experiences in exile taking place in London regarding the access to a cosmopolitan capital.

The duration of the show: 45-50 mins
Composed music by: Henri Bister
Premiere date: 4th of August in Norpas Festival in Kemiönsaari, Finland
UK Premiere date: 28th of November in Camden People’s Theatre, in London

Link to our trailer HERE

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PROMOTION PICTURES, please feel free to use.

Pictures by: Ruut Luoto


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