Another week’s over

Phew, uf, huh huh!

We manage to finish this exhausting week and going to have day-off tomorrow. On Monday we are going to be back in business.
Here is picture from yesterday rehearsal (yes, there is scenes that we are sitting calmly):



P.S. Our Facebook page reached after a day over hundred followers! Thank you for that.


We are now on Facebook!

Good evening, buena noches, hyvää iltaa!

Today we made a facebook page of our company. The page includes info about our upcoming tour fun readings about the themes and behind the scenes of SISU. We sat down in computer full day and planned the next upcoming month what we are going to post to our website. I bet you are going enjoy it as much as we enjoyed to make it.

You can find the page HERE

Usually we want to keep our weekends free from the rehearsals, but this Saturday we are going to have exception, because there is not much time to rehearsal anymore. There is still few things that needs to be scrape a bit.

sisu paage

Have nice weekend everyone

Change of the venue in Tampere

Little changes, pequeños cambios, pieniä muutoksia!

The second venue in Finland has changed to LA STRADA theatre.
So sadly, we are not going to perform in Hirvitalo anymore.

The performing dates in Tampere are now
8.8. 1pm
in Tapahtumien yö 10.8. 1pm and 6pm

The tickets booking happens by mailing us:
or giving a call 040 5462067.
The tickets cost 10 euros each and the payment is CASH ONLY.


Sorry for the incorrect information.

Multilingual facebook event about the show in Tampere HERE


London premiere in November!


Coming soon, próxi momente, tulossa pian!

We are happy to announce that our London premiere will be in Camden People’s Theatre on Tuesday, 28th of Novemeber, 9pm.
SISU is part of the Camden’s The Shape Of Things To Come fringe festival.

The tickets are £ 8 but there is a change to take advantage of our double bill ticket offer. Then you can two different shows on the same night for just £12.

Hope we will see you soon!