Premiere in Norpas

At last, por fin, viimeinkin!

Norpas Julian and Ruut

Greetings from Norpas Festival. The festival with its atmosphere, audience and importance of share was something that we feel glad to be part of their programme.
Thank you Norpas! Hope we will meet again!

The premiere went well, and the show was as intimate as we hoped for. The silence of the audience got us nervous a bit, but afterwards we heard a lot of positive feedback. The silence is just nature of Finns that I had completely forgot.

Tuesday and Thursday we are performing in Tampere. That is for me personally a big thing to come back to my home town, during the international theatre festival and being part of it. I hope it goes well.

If you a bit unsure where the venue is here is the map

Kartta_LA Stradaan!
The address is Pirkankatu 18, 33230 Tampere

It is right next to a big market square called Pyynikintori, where the most of the local busses stop. I bet you’ll not get lost if you any have guts to ask bus driver does the bus stop there! If you don’t want to ask anyone, that is also final stop of many busses is Tampere so you can read Pyynikintori on the front of the bus.

We hope to see you on Tuesday or Thursday!



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