Good morning, buen dia, huomenta!

Have great the first day of August, only 3 days left before our premiere will be in Norpas.
Julian will arrive for his first time to Finland in few days. I have already been here a week spending time in summer cottage (picture above) and doing some producing working. We are quite prepared for our Finnish tour.

If the dates seems to be little uncertain, I put them here one more time:

SISU PREMIERE Norpas Festival, Kemiönsaari 4.8. 4pm [info]
(free entry)

La Strada, Tampere 8.8. 1pm
and in Tapahtumien Yö 10.8. 1pm and 6pm [tickets] and [info]
(10e / each)

Lopen Kirjasto, Loppi 11.8. 6pm [info]
(free entry)

If you want to read more about the final count down of our premiere. Check our Facebook page.




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