4 days to go!

2017-06-12 11.36.33

Hello, hola, heippa!

I am writing this message in the middle of tech organizing. Julian is just setting up the lights and climbing on scary looking ladders. Careful up there!

The structure of our show is finished, so during the last days we are only going to polish specific scenes. I have strong will that we are manage to do that.

Last weekend, we went to see Ponyboy Curtis presents: vs at the Yard Theatre. The show directed by Chris Goode, inspired us a lot. The genre of the show was by its sincerity and tenderness was pretty much the some that we want to define from our show. Talking afterwards with the director concerned (me) that, what SISU is about, it is something that needs to be shown this time for as a statement for audience whenever is British or Finnish or wherever. We need to spread the word of SISU because it can give hope and courage for someone.
For further reading, Emilia Lahti has an excellent etymology explanation of sisu as a word in her blog.

If you are interested to come to see our showing on this Thursday 15th of June, 15:00, please contact us.


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